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St. Paul is a growing urban congregation of faithful people of all ages who love the
God - Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer of All, and love their neighbor. 
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APRIL 2017
IT IS NOW TIME to start our VISION TEAM here at St. Paul  UCC, where we will be doing this very same kind of work; and as we do so, we will be keeping THESE guiding statements in mind!  To this end, the SPUCC Executive Team has empowered me to begin recruiting members for  a new Vision Team. We may eventually take a different name (e.g., the “Flip My Church” Team, the “Inside Out” Team, etc.), but the GOAL will be to lead the whole congregation though the process of DISCERNING GOD’S FUTURE for our church. And, this is a good time to remind you—it’s not “Pastor Barry’s vision” we are seeking…nor yours, nor our church Council’s vision…not any other vision except GOD’S!
      WHAT will this new team be doing? HOW will it work? WHO will be on it? HOW LONG will this process take? I’ll be sharing as much information as possible about all this, in every way possible, in the weeks and months ahead…in The Epistle, in weekly bulletins, on Facebook, and here on our church’s website I can only briefly touch on each of these questions—all good questions!for the moment...
       WHAT and HOW: internal and external demographic studies (who’s HERE, who’s “out there” for us to minister to, and what are they looking for? With WHOM do we share God’s “extravagant welcome” and seek to love as our neighbor?); organizing small groups and focus groups in the church AND the community; leading the clarifying of our CORE values; engaging in a multi-week PRAYER focus and journaling experiencefor the whole church (that means every member!); special emphasis on Vision and Mission (“Spiritual DNA”) in worship and preaching; “faith sharing moments (knowns as “testimonies” in days gone by!) in worship; a consensus process to AFFIRM God’s new vision for us, when we get all this done and added together. It all BEGINS with a new “St Paul Timeline” that will be starting in the next few weeks…watch for details…
       HOW LONG: that depends on how quickly the Vision Team can be recruited, trained, refine our process, and begin its work; once it does, we’re looking at a minimum of six to nine months—but again, this depends entirely on the cooperation and commitment of the congregation to take part in all the pieces along the way. The higher your commitment and involvement, the quicker the process will move!

       WHO: four or five willing volunteers! We are looking for some very specific people, who are…
  • Dedicated to prayer and growing spiritually, and are known for their rich faith life;
  • know and love the congregation;
  • are respected by more than one facet (faction?) of the congregation;
  • are deeply committed to confidentiality;
  • are positive and have a commitment to consensus (i.e., they have no particular agenda or personal statement to make;
  • will commit the TIME and ENERGY it takes for this process;
  • are willing (with plenty of help!) to address the congregation and help lead small or large group meetings (as facilitators only, not as “experts”).
       We will be seeking, ideally—
  • at least one: Process-oriented person who can coor­dinate fine details;
  • at least one: Communicator who can accurately and effectively disseminate information;
  • at least one: Numbers person who can crunch num­bers/help interpret data; and...
  • at least one: Prayer Warrior who can activate a team of pray-ers.
  • This team will be hand-picked by me, and each interested person will meet with me individually before being confirmed as a VT member; it just has to be this way, since this is such a specialized (and crucial) “appointment”!
Do you think YOU might be one of these people?
 If so, I want you…and JESUS WANTS YOU!
Get in touch with  me....Let’s TALK!